National GIS Day

National GIS Day – Wednesday, November 18th


Happy National GIS Day – an annual event celebrating the technology of geographic information systems (GIS). GIS can be used to map all kinds of different data, including topographic, demographic, and simple geographic data. At its most basic, GIS is a mapping system that can be used for cartographical purposes. Mapping and GIS applications allow SSI to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographically referenced data. 


GIS technology combines database, mapping, and statistical methods to integrate georeferenced data into visual displays where the relationships, patterns and trends in the data can be more easily identified. SSI has been fortunate to complete GIS mapping for various counties, municipalities, private utility companies and many others in the State of Michigan and beyond. With SSI’s robust arsenal of mapping technology, complimented by our full-service surveying department; we can provide GIS features at survey grade. We have a proven record of creating tools to share geospatial data and assist clients in integrating these tools into their workflows.


Our GIS certified professionals understand the importance of technologically enhanced, accurate, and effective systems. We fuse multiple data sets together and provide clients with user friendly tools that streamline the use of information to allow for more effective decision making. To learn more about SSI’s GIS solutions click here.