Prior to receiving right-of-entry, primary survey control was established outside of the rail right-of-way (ROW). Once access was granted within the right-of-way, SSI crews were deployed to set and establish the survey control throughout the project limits. The first crew was responsible for setting the 288 control targets. The second differential leveling crew followed behind providing vertical position of each control point set. Both crews operated in tandem which helped minimize flagging efforts.  All conventional survey operations were completed during day-time hours in just 10 days. Hi-rail Mobile LiDAR operations began needing only 2 days to complete all the street level data at the four proposed rail station locations and then another 2 ½ days to complete the nearly 50 track miles. All mobile LiDAR operations utilized SSI’s Mobile LiDAR platforms mounted on a customized ATV hi-rail vehicle and SUV. 

MTACC Penn Station Access

LocationNew York, NY
ProjectMTACC Penn Station
CategoryRail LiDAR

The purpose of this project was to prepare and develop the preliminary design for the Penn Station Access project. The project included nearly 50 track miles to be collected, and five city blocks to be mapped at street level for each of the 4 proposed rail station locations.