Project Highlight: PATCO Interlockings

SSI’s specialized Rail LiDAR system “RaLi” has been on the move capturing data for PATCO Interlockings which runs between Philadelphia, PA and Camden County, NJ. This highly accurate technology is ideally suited for mapping railroad infrastructure. For everything from catenary structures and tracks to switches, frogs, and mile marker posts; RaLi offers a safe and efficient method of data collection for any rail corridor.  The PATCO system includes approximately 46.4 miles of track within the 14.2-mile corridor (9.5 miles of the track are underground) and 13 stations in total.  By utilizing RaLi, SSI was able to collect the entire system in just 3 days. Our team was then able to post-process the data and create a comprehensive 3D point cloud model of the railway and surrounding infrastructure. Click here to learn more about our Rail LiDAR solutions and featured rail projects.