Rail LiDAR

Rail LiDAR

Our Rail LiDAR “RaLi” process offers advanced LiDAR solutions to capture existing project conditions quicker, safer, and with greater detail for a wide variety of mapping and data needs. Utilizing an integrated approach with in-house technology, fabricated scanning systems, and automated algorithms, SSI is now able to identify track and other rail assets more efficiently and with greater detail than ever before. SSI has also integrated camera options that produce high resolution 3D images as well as an interactive spherical viewer that has proven to be very beneficial for analyzing as-built conditions, locating/monitoring assets, and identifying hazards. From geospatial database development to 3D engineering design and modeling, the data generated from the RaLi process has allowed end users to immerse themselves into the project environment.

We have completed many projects throughout the nation for various rail clients. A combination of experience, research, testing, and innovative techniques has allowed SSI to develop and trademark several techniques for Rail LiDAR applications.


  • Safety: Reduces exposure of field personnel keeping workers and motorists safe.
  • Accuracy: Survey grade accuracy by integrating the GNSS, inertial measurement unit (IMU) and survey control.
  • Comprehensive Data: Complete 3D capture of all infrastructure utilities with design or GIS accuracy.
  • Efficiency: Rapid data collection with minimal disruption to network schedules
  • Format Flexibility: Data can be delivered in a variety of formats including standard CAD (Microstation, AutoCAD), GIS, DTMs, DEMs etc.


  • Rail infrastructure asset management
  • As-built surveying
  • Track Infrastructure monitoring
  • Clash detection simulation and clearance analysis
  • Railway planning and engineering
  • Yards
  • Stations
  • Tunnels
  • Track Charts
  • At grade, above grade, and below grade


See our featured Rail LiDAR projects below.



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    OpenMonday – Friday 08:00 – 04:30
    OpenMonday – Friday 08:00 – 04:30
    OpenMonday – Friday 08:00 – 04:30