Municipal Engineering

SSI’s portfolio of available services includes municipal engineering, which is one of the core components contributing to the health, welfare, and safety of citizens within the municipal environment. The municipal engineering arena includes design of storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water mains, sidewalks, streetscapes, and any related appurtenances encountered in the urban environment.

The SSI team has a firm grasp on the everyday needs of municipalities, stretching the taxpayer’s dollar to provide the essential services required. SSI is committed to providing quality work at an affordable price to ensure municipalities can complete critical projects in a quality manner, on time, and under budget.

Transportation Engineering

SSI is a full service consulting firm offering transportation engineering services as part of its extensive range of expertise. Included within the broad transportation engineering category are services such as road design, bridge design, culvert design, drainage studies, traffic studies, traffic control plans, among others.

Our experienced staff works with our clients to develop transportation solutions that satisfy the physical needs of a given project while staying within the confines of established budgets. Because of our corporate experience on the construction side of the transportation industry, it adds credibility and an unmatched degree of common sense that permeates the design side of our staff.