Terrestrial (Tripod) Scanning/LiDAR

Tripod based scanning allows millions of three-dimensional measurements to be collected in a short amount of time. This aggregate of points are known in the industry as a “Point Cloud”.

Collecting a point cloud is a non-intrusive way of obtaining a precise snapshot of existing conditions. The dataset captured by Tripod Scanners can be converted into Building Information Models (BIM) for renovation, retrofit and refurbishment tasks. These BIM deliverables are three dimensional representations of physical objects with built in intelligence and metadata.

In areas not accessible to system, the terrestrial (tripod) scanner offers an alternative solution to acquire extremely accurate and dense LiDAR data. For small projects, the terrestrial point cloud can also be used in other applications such as engineering design, construction as-built documentation, forensics, asset management, and historical preservation.

There are several different types of laser scanning technologies available: Time of Flight (TOF), Phase Based, and Pulsed Based. SSI understands the strengths of each type of technology and recognizes their limitations. As a result, SSI primarily uses pulsed based scanners with wave form processing because of its data quality. Depending on budgetary constraints, and lower accuracy requirements, we can also use phase based scanners for projects in confined areas and shorter distances to targets.

SSI has a tremendous amount of experience in tripod scanning and was an early adopter of this technology. This experience allows us to provide our clients with the ideal solution for their project.