Surveying Solutions

Surveying Services

SSI has the capacity and expertise to perform virtually any type of surveying related task. Our services range from major public infrastructure projects to boundary surveys and FEMA elevation certificates. Equipped with the most robust technology in the industry including robotic total stations, GPS, and mobile LiDAR systems, SSI is committed to delivering accurate, high-quality data for any given project.

Construction Staking

SSI provides survey staking for all types of transportation projects including road, bridge and slope staking. SSI also provides airport staking, building layout, and utility staking for sanitary, storm and water. You name the type of construction, SSI can stake it.

Because the quality of a staking job can directly affect the outcome of a project finishing on time and on budget, SSI has a specialized staff of experienced surveyors and field crews who are focused on the construction staking process. It’s what they do! Their responsiveness, experience and attention to detail will make a difference in your bottom line.

SSI has successfully completed many staking projects, from small commercial facilities to large complex transportation reconstruction projects. We have enough capacity to stay ahead of contractor needs while our experience helps us anticipate client needs. We pride ourselves in completing projects correctly the first time and in providing service in a timely manner. Construction delays? Not on our part!

Design Surveys

Every transportation project first begins with a design survey. Projects cannot be successful if the elevation and features of a given parcel are not accounted for in the development, improvement, or construction plans. SSI possesses one of the largest professional and technical survey staffs in the state with considerable experience and knowledge in all aspects of road design, right of way, structure, and hydraulic surveys.

Boundary Surveys

SSI’s experienced professional surveyors routinely perform boundary surveys for residential and commercial clients. All SSI field crews are equipped with the latest surveying equipment. We insist on only using the best survey instruments to ensure the best possible results when performing boundary surveys.

Boundary surveys are performed for a variety of reasons: subdividing parcels of land, locating property lines and corners, building expansion, or installing a fence along property lines. Boundary surveys are also used to settle boundary disputes, determine easements, and for right of way purposes. They can also be used to identify potential encroachment issues.

SSI conducts P.A. 132 certified surveys to provide an accurate location of property corners. P.A. 132 surveys involve research, fieldwork, and calculations to establish the proper location of property lines. Property corners are either recovered or new ones set if the corner monuments have been destroyed. A final certified drawing is then created and filed with the office of the register of deeds as needed.

Additional Surveying Services:

  • Elevation Certificates, LOMA Documents, Floodplain Surveys
  • Parcel Splits
  • Subdivision and Condominium Development
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Right-of-way Surveys
  • Utility Coordination
  • Structure Surveys




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OpenMonday – Friday 08:00 – 04:30
OpenMonday – Friday 08:00 – 04:30
OpenMonday – Friday 08:00 – 04:30